What Is a Dental Emergency and Where To Get Emergency Dental Care in Houston

Even though the patient may feel that any oral healthcare-related issues or problems are urgent, the dentist might agree that the situation is an emergency. Determining what situations are likely to be classified as dental emergencies and knowing when it is imperative to contact your emergency dentist in Houston as soon as possible. So, you must be aware of the situations that are likely to be classified as dental emergencies, and you are aware of the absolute necessity of contacting a dentist.

Common Dental Emergencies


The reason for a toothache should be determined so that it can be treated since it can signify several dental issues. Infections in the pulp of the teeth and food stuck in the teeth are two prevalent causes of toothaches. It is crucial to visit an emergency dentist in Houston when tooth pain appears unexpectedly, worsens over time, or is severe. A cold compress could ease some discomfort in the interim.

Soft-Tissue Damage

The lips, gums, inside of the cheeks, and tongue are among the soft tissues of the mouth. You should contact your emergency dentist in Houston if one of these structures has been hurt to get directions on where to go. Before applying pressure to stop bleeding, soft tissue wounds such as lacerations, punctures, and rips should be washed with warm water.

Pain and bleeding following tooth extraction

Although some post-operative discomfort and bleeding are common, if they continue even an hour later, it’s time to notify your dentist. In the interim, apply pressure by biting down on a thick gauze pad placed over the extraction site. Avoid drinking, eating, and sucking. You should also avoid smoking and spitting.

Tooth Abscess

Dental abscesses always spring to mind when considering what constitutes a dental emergency. When a pus-filled pocket inside the tooth becomes infected, it develops into an abscessed tooth. It is a dangerous condition that could endanger your life. It may result in high fever, tender neck lymph nodes, sensitive teeth, persistent toothache, a swollen face, and lumps on the gums next to the impacted tooth.

Dental emergencies include dental abscesses because the infection may spread to the jaw and other nearby tissues. Use a saltwater rinse many times each day to draw the pus to the surface and ease the pain until you can see a dentist.

Knocked out or lose teeth

Any face trauma that results in teeth coming loose or falling out necessitates an emergency dentist in Houston. It’s crucial to make an effort to retain a loose tooth in its socket to stop it from falling out. When a tooth is knocked out, it’s crucial to look for the missing tooth. If the lost tooth is found, it should be cleaned. One of two methods, including putting it back in the socket and biting down as you would with a loose tooth, can help you keep a missing tooth.

Where to go for Emergency Dental Care in Houston?

Finding the right emergency dentist in Houston isn’t always easy. Even if you have a reliable network of dentists, you might not understand that your particular insurance plan may not cover emergency care. Houston has a wide variety of hospitals and clinics to choose from, but if you have an urgent dental problem, these are a few recommendations for emergency dentists in Houston as Bonita Dental.


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